Sunday, 29 July 2012

3d spider tattoos

 Scary 3D Spider TattooWhen it comes to the popular spider tattoo and spider web tattoo, there is a wide range of positive and negative meanings that are associated with the two tattoo designs. Spider tattoos and spider web tattoos come in a variety of different designs, colors, and styles. Both tattoo designs are classified as old school tattoos. In this article, you will learn all the positive and negative associations to these two classic tattoo designs.

The spider tattoo has been associated with a lot of things in the world


It is believed that the spider tattoo originated in Malaysia tribes. The spider tattoo is closely linked to tribal tattoos all around the world. Throughout history, there are myths and countless legends that portray spiders all around the globe. The basic meaning of the spider tattoo varies from person to person. The spider tattoo and spider web tattoo have portrayed several things in history, but most commonly, the tattoo refers to our struggles in the web of life. Anything that enters the spider web will struggle to get out if they can. The spider tattoo can represent the struggle of life or how we struggle with life situations.
3D spider tattoo. Asian Tattoo Spider.

The spider has been part of numerous myths and legends throughout history. In Greek Mythology, a woman named Arachne was known as a great weaver. Athena was very jealous of Arachne’s talents, so she chose to make Arachne’s life a living hell. Once Arachne passed away, Athena felt awful. She felt so bad, she turned Arachne into a spider so she could once again be able to weave.


There are a variety of different legends that state the spider showed man hot to weave. In Europe, the spider is associated with negativity. It is believed that the spider is a partial reason for the black plague. In fact, there is a lot of negativity that follows the spider and spider web tattoo designs. Both the spider tattoo and spider web tattoo are considered to be popular prison tattoos. Both have been a longtime symbol of incarceration. These tattoos have also been associated with the KKK and other white supremacy groups.

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