Saturday, 28 July 2012

lion tattoos for women

Women have always appreciated the noble beauty of Lion tattoos. Other animal tattoos on women can hardly stand up to the menacing king of the jungle; this tattoo is meant to represent female superiority in its highest form. However, most women that choose this tattoo design wish to show their place in the stars, as it is also the symbol of astrology and the zodiac sign tattoos seen as Leo tattoos the Lion in the heavens.

Lion tattoos designs often feature this cat in a realistic fashion. In some cases, the lion is depicted as a mild, docile creature, often laying sprawled out along Lion tattoo on arm or leg, while other pieces may show the fierce side of this animal.

Some of these tattoos are done so beautifully that you could literally spend hours gazing into their depth. Other deigns include cartoonish Lions designs or Tribal Lion tattoos styles which are represented in hundreds of cultures around the world. Selecting this Tribal Lion tattoos for men will always be powerful and majestic or cute and playful depending on the direction a Tribal Lion tattoos for woman wishes take this most impressive design.

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