Sunday, 29 July 2012

bear tattoo designs

bear-tattoo-designs-19-215x300-tattoo-designNever have bears been more popular in the world of body art. This can be very much ascribed to their broad use in symbolism and mythology across world cultures. The Celts in Europe saw the bear as symbolizing war while the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed the Ursa Major Bear/Big Dipper constellation to be the incarnation of the deity Diana or Artemis. In the Jewish Bible, this creature represented immense evil and horrible deeds.
The PR turned however by the time Christianity came about; the bear came to be regarded as a motif of positive change. Native Americans have also invoked this animal to explore hunting, healing and warfare as well as whirlwinds which could be used to bamboozle enemies. Other tribes conceived of them as having god-like or supernatural status with their requirement for hibernation regarded as advice to humans that self-reflection and calm was a necessary part of a healthy life.
For anyone considering having bear tattoos, it is worth bearing in mind that there is an enormous assortment of bear species, from the Grizzly to the Kodiak (representing power) to Polar bears (representing uniqueness and individuality).
Given that there are serious issues of extinction looming, there might be a wider political and moral point to having a tattoo depicting this great animal. The bearer may wish to convey the dangers ahead or hope for survival or to create awareness of the natural world in general. Pandas and Black bears rank as other members of this animal family.
If you are considering a design incorporating a Koala it might not be too pedantic for the author to point out to you that the Koala is a marsupial and not a member of the bear family. Teddy bear tattoos might also be worth a mention for their sheer cuteness and lovability.
There are many resources on the web for checking out these designs, from websites offering images to textual explanations of body artists’ services and rates of pay. Be sure to shop around comprehensively and don’t just plump for the first service you bump into. It pays to research these things properly and thoroughly.



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