Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dragon tattoos for women

 Women Dragon Tattoos have always been associated with love, bravery and heroism in the fantasy or real world of the human imagination. The stories we hear about dragons make those who destroy towns and eat up innocent people villains, whilst those who save innocent lives are made out to be heroes. Women Dragon Tattoos are popular because of the special bond many of us share with these fairy tales. Like any other tattoo, finding the right tattoo for you is the best goal. There are many different types of women dragon tattoos and they are all a symbol of different things.
Dragons symbolize power, courage and strength. Decades ago, they were used by kings to guard sacred treasures in caves. In the Japanese culture the dragon is known to be the source of supernatural powers with incredible strength.
Having a woman dragon tattoo is a way of portraying that you're old enough to get a tattoo because you're powerful, free and fearless.









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